00036130000007013006Contoh Financial Plan 3

00036130000007013006Contoh Financial Plan 3 - JARDIN SQUARE...

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JARDIN SQUARE Start-up cost Balance Sheet Opening 31-Dec-09 31-Dec-10 31-Dec-11 Assets Handphone Rp300,000.00 Current assets Lemari Dokumen Rp650,000.00 Cash Rp43,975,000.00 Rp119,315,120.00 Rp206,322,620.00 Rp318,944,239.10 Meja Kantor Rp800,000.00 Prepaid expense Rp19,200,000.00 Rp- Rp- Rp- Kursi Kantor Rp250,000.00 Set Sofa dan Meja Rp2,000,000.00 Fixed assets AC Windows Rp2,250,000.00 Rp20,825,000.00 Rp20,825,000.00 Rp20,825,000.00 Rp20,825,000.00 Dispenser Rp325,000.00 Motor Rp13,500,000.00 Rp13,500,000.00 Rp13,500,000.00 Rp13,500,000.00 Komputer Set Design Rp6,000,000.00 Rp2,500,000.00 Rp2,500,000.00 Rp2,500,000.00 Rp2,500,000.00 Komputer Set Admin Rp3,500,000.00 Accumulated depreciation Rp- Rp(6,380,800.00) Rp(11,476,200.00) Rp(15,840,899.00) Printer Canon LX300+ Rp1,100,000.00 Total assets Rp100,000,000.00 Rp149,759,320.00 Rp231,671,420.00 Rp339,928,340.10 Printer Desk Jet Rp800,000.00 Set Peralatan Kebun Rp2,850,000.00 Liabilities Rp- Rp- Rp- Rp- Rp20,825,000.00 Kendaraan Owner Equity Motor Rp13,500,000.00 Owner's investment Rp100,000,000.00 Rp100,000,000.00 Rp100,000,000.00 Rp100,000,000.00 Building and Renovation Rugi / Laba ditahan Rp- Rp49,759,320.00 Rp131,671,420.00 Rp239,928,340.10 Leasehold improvement Rp2,500,000.00 Rp100,000,000.00 Rp149,759,320.00 Rp231,671,420.00 Rp339,928,340.10 Prepaid Expense Rent (dibayar dimuka untuk 1 tahun) Rp13,000,000.00 Cetak Brosur Rp500,000.00 Sebar Brosur Rp250,000.00 Spanduk Rp300,000.00 Izin usaha Rp5,000,000.00 Katalog Produk dan Service Rp150,000.00 Total Prepaid Expenses Rp19,200,000.00 Working Capital (cadangan expense 3 bulan) Gaji karyawan (Rp12.050rb x 3) Rp36,150,000.00 Listrik (Rp200rb x 3) Rp600,000.00 Air (Rp150rb x 3) Rp450,000.00 Internet (Rp200rb x 3) Rp600,000.00 Pulsa HP (Rp100rb x 3) Rp300,000.00 Sewa mobil (Rp100rb x 3) Rp300,000.00 Asuransi karyawan (Rp20rb x 3) Rp60,000.00 ATK (Rp25rb x 3) Rp75,000.00 Lain-lain Rp5,440,000.00 Total working capital Rp43,975,000.00 Total start-up cost Rp100,000,000.00 Cash Flow 1 Jan 09 - 31 Dec 09
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00036130000007013006Contoh Financial Plan 3 - JARDIN SQUARE...

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