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Clifford - Clifford jumps up to stop it He pushes too...

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Clifford’s Best pals. Clifford has many pals. Everdyday, they take a walk aroud our town. Today they see something interesting. A ball swings from a truck. Clifford wants to play with it. That is not a good thing to do. The dogs keep walking. A can of red paint is about to spill on a little white – and – brown dog. “Look out!” says the painter. Now the painter sees a big red dog. “What that magic paint?” he wonders. Clifford sees three dogs playing in a pit. Oh, no! They will be buried! Clifford pushes the truck away. He tries to help the men clean up. Yuck! Now Clifford needs a drink of water. Someone turns on the hose hill. Only Clifford sees the truck.
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Unformatted text preview: Clifford jumps up to stop it. He pushes too hard.Now Clifford;s pals are having fun in the big pipes, Clifford wants to play, too. But he is too big. The workers can’t do their jobs with the dogs in the way. They put Clifford’s pals in a pen. Clifford sees them stuck there. He helps them get out. The workers don’t like that. They trap Clifford in a net. This is not a good place for gods to play, the workers say.”We need to do our jobs.We will let you go when we are done.” Clifford does not know that to do. His pals chew the ropes to set him free! Now Clifford and his friends will find a fun and safe place to play....
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