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David Tanady 1301068321 12PAY WHY WE MUST LEARN ENGLISH Why are we need to learn English and it become very important nowadays?This question may sometimes we ask ourselves . The ability to able to understand and speak fluenly using English is now become one main requirement in many company for their employee criteria besides their main skill for the position during the job. If we looked back to history , of course English was language for people in England and in middle age when America was found most of England people go to there and when United Stated become super power country and they spoke English , American English , the using of English is growing rapidly and used in many country include Indonesia . Now ,
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Unformatted text preview: we can see almost people on the Earth need a solution to communicate to other with one language that everyone can understand and English can be a solution on that because English is used almost country in the Earth . The most important thing nowadays is by able to speak English well give us more opportunity especially facing the era of globalization soon that make a free trading around people on the world make us be force to learning to able to speak some language that used most people around the world and some of them is English. There are my opinion about why are we must learning English because I see it as an International language that can connected people around the world....
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