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english passive - e The fruits were eaten by him this...

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1. David Tanady(1301068321) a. I was taught by him a good lesson yesterday. b. The good lesson is got by me today. c. His wallet was stolen this morning on the way he came to campus. d. This assignment has been done by me. e. They were invited by Andrew to came to his party. 2. Michael Jeremia Setiadi (1301045154) a. The computer is bought by me. b. The books are borrowed by my friends. c. The computer was bought two years ago. d. The Paints were bought by some collector. e. The famous Paint “ Last Supper “ has been painted by Leonardo da Vinci. 3. Willy Anton Wibisono ( 1301051081)
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Unformatted text preview: e. The fruits were eaten by him this morning. 4. Yohan Averian Bethaputra Loe (1301067962) a. That novels were written by her when she was a child b. The car was broken by him yesterday. c. The decisions have been made by them to go to Bandung after the exam d. Milk is drunk by me in the morning e. We are teached by Mr. Doras in English Class 5. Zarrach Zulhajjiwahi Assaudati (13010650432) a. The house is cleaned by my sister once a week. b. That castle has been visited by many tourist from entire world. c. The reports were finished by him yesterday. d. My house was cleaned by my sister yesterday. e. That reports are finished by me....
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