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multisim - Bin nilmUtil.exe" in a new window select the...

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1. Run the generator licenses KeyGen_unpack_v110000.exe which is located in the folder "KG_v110000". 2. From the open window to overwrite the serial number. 3. Press "1" (this corresponds to the choice of versions of Power Pro). 4. Press Enter. At the same time in the same folder that contains the generator, there will be 2 files license. 5. Run the installation program and when prompted enter serial number, enter the serial number copied. 6. After the installation is to abandon reboot. 7. Open the folder "C: \ Program Files \ National Instruments \ Shared \ License Manager \ Licenses" and copy it obtained a license. 8. Start License Manager ( "C: \ Program Files \ National Instruments \ Shared \ License Manager
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Unformatted text preview: \ Bin \ nilmUtil.exe"), in a new window select the line Multisim 11. 9. Press the button F8, and then open the folder "Licenses". 10. In the opened folder "Licenses" select the license file (need to click on the desired file), in this case, the license file for Multisim 11 Power Pro (the one that copied see paragraph 7), in the opened window click Yes. Then check mark next to Power Pro Edition should light up green (see the attached skin Licenses.jpg). 11. The same should be done to Ultiboard 11. (Do not confuse the license. They are different. For each program has its own!). 12. Reboot the computer....
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