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MIT OpenCourseWare 6.096 Introduction to C++ January (IAP) 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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6.096 Lab 7 Solutions #include<iostream> #include<fstream> #include<conio.h> #include<math.h> #include<string.h> using namespace std; // Part 1 void CreateTextFile() { fstream F1,F2;"FILE1.TXT",ios::out);"FILE2.TXT",ios::out); F1<<"Hello"<<endl; F1<<"I"<<endl; F1<<"C++"<<endl; F2<<"World"<<endl; F2<<"Love"<<endl; F1.close(); F2.close(); } // Part 2 void MergeFiles() { fstream F1,F2,F3;"FILE1.TXT",ios::in);"FILE2.TXT",ios::in);"FILE3.TXT",ios::out); string S1,S2; { F3<<S1<<endl; F3<<S2<<endl; } while(F1>>S1) { F3<<S1<<endl; } while(F2>>S2)
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Unformatted text preview: { F3&lt;&lt;S2&lt;&lt;endl; } F1.close(); F2.close(); F3.close(); } // Part 3 void AddtoFiles() { fstream F1;;FILE3.TXT&quot;,ios::app); F1&lt;&lt;&quot;I Love 6.096 too!&quot;&lt;&lt;endl; char str[80]; char ch; do { cout&lt;&lt;&quot;Text?&quot;;cin.getline(str,80); F1&lt;&lt;str&lt;&lt;endl; cout&lt;&lt;&quot;Continue?(Y/N)&quot;;cin&gt;&gt;ch; }while(ch!='N'); F1.close(); } // Part 4 void CountO() { fstream F1; char ch; int CountO=0;;FILE1.TXT&quot;,ios::in); while(!F1.eof()) { ch=F1.get(); if(ch=='O' || ch=='o') CountO++; } cout&lt;&lt;&quot;This has :&quot;&lt;&lt;CountO&lt;&lt;&quot; O's &quot;&lt;&lt;endl; F1.close(); } void CountLove() { fstream F1; char str[80]; int CountL=0;;FILE1.TXT&quot;,ios::in); while( F1&gt;&gt;str ) { if(strcmp(str,&quot;Love&quot;)==0) CountL++; } cout&lt;&lt;&quot;This has :&quot;&lt;&lt;CountL&lt;&lt;&quot; Loves &quot;&lt;&lt;endl; F1.close(); }...
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assn7_soln - {...

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