1042 - Teaching to Design with Standard Components J....

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Abstract - This paper describes the structure of a course that has been created to help electrical engineering seniors with design. It is expected to make the transition to the capstone design almost effortless. Students take this course after having taken several theoretical courses in the areas of digital signal processing, control theory, electromagnetic theory and so on. The course does not have written examinations but real projects. Students are required to use mathematical and simulation modeling tools before constructing any end product. Thus the emphasis is not on designs that are theoretical in nature but on systems that are physically realized. It begins with designs using operational amplifiers, optimal routing of PCBs and proceeds to the digital area by studying Verilog® HDL while designing systems using PLAs and FPGAs. Though an elective, this course has been well received by students. Introduction According to ABET, engineering design is the process of devising a system, component or process to meet desired needs. It is a decision making process in which the basic sciences, mathematics and engineering sciences are applied to optimally convert resources to meet a stated objective. The course entitled: Design With Standard Components considers the question of design from the practical aspect of available components and processes involved in manufacturing the end product. The focus is on appropriate use of available components, with their features and limitations. Course Goals As a result of successfully completing the course, students will be able to: Select proper components to meet specified objectives Minimize electrical noise in circuits Anticipate and avoid problems of stray signals through the use of proper grounding and shielding Learn to design power circuits using SCRs, Triacs and Power MOSFETs Make most of SSI, MSI and LSI packages in the design process Use A/D , D/A converters Use MicroSim® PCBoards™ [5] and Auto Router™ [6] to design printed circuit boards Use Verilog® HDL [3] to program PLDs Use CUPL™ [7] to program PLDs Course Projects Over the last few years, the projects for the course have
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1042 - Teaching to Design with Standard Components J....

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