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Cover - NOTRE DAME LONDON Copyright 1942 1944 UNIVERSITY OF...

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NOTRE DAME MATHEMATICAL LECTURES Number 2 GALOIS THEORY Lectures delivered at the University of Notre Dame by DR. EMIL ARTIN Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University Edited and supplemented with a Section on Applications by DR. ARTHUR N. MILGRAM Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota Second Edition With Additions and Revisions UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS NOTRE DAME LONDON
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Copyright 1942, 1944
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Unformatted text preview: NOTRE DAME LONDON Copyright 1942, 1944 UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME Second Printing, February 1964 Third Printing, July 1965 Fourth Printing, August 1966 New composition with corrections Fifth Printing, March 1970 Sixth Printing, January 1971 Printed in the United States of America by NAPCO Graphic Arts, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin...
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