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Tudor Ireland

Tudor Ireland - o Professed by Anglo Irish and Gaelic Irish...

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The Tudor Conquest 1534-1603 The Tudor dynasty completed the conquest of Ireland Tudor motives 1. Self Protection - Feared the domestic or foreign enemies might use Ireland as base for operations against them 2. imperial expansion abandonment of the early English policy of keeping Anglo-Irish and Gaelic Irish apart o King’s Irish council o New kind of English official Silken Thomas’ Rebellion quelled with ruthless severity o Sir William Skeffington o Downfall of the house of Kildare o Chief Governor of Ireland would be an Englishman 1541 - Irish parliament declared Henry VIII king of Ireland “English rebels” and “Irish enemies” Surrender and Regrant Reformation and the Anglicization process of Ireland o 1536 –act making Henry “the only supreme head on earth of the whole church of Ireland” passed with opposition o little success in Ireland “Old” Religion
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Unformatted text preview: o Professed by Anglo Irish and Gaelic Irish alike o a force for Irish unity and resistance to England • Conn O’Neill – Who would succeed him? o Shane the Proud • English Succeeds as Fifteenth century proceeds o Establishment in 1570 of the presidencies of Munster and Connacht Sir Richard Bingham o Plantations o Spanish Armada • Ulster -- Outstanding exception to success of England in Ireland o Hugh O’Neill o War began in 1595 o Final contest which would decide the future of the Gaelic institutions and would complete – or make impossible to complete – the Tudor conquest o Spanish aid o 1598 -- Yellow Ford o Lord Mountjoy Lord Deputy of Ireland policy of frightfulness • Battle of Kinsale o Christmas Eve, 1601 o The Spanish came too late o The English won a decisive battle. o Turning point in Irish history...
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Tudor Ireland - o Professed by Anglo Irish and Gaelic Irish...

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