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Joshua Dean Lab 03: AM and FM Sinusoidal Signals February 14, 2011 The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science ECE 3220 Digital Signal Processing Lab Section 30 GTA: Damon Conover 85/100 *** In the future, you should use the wavwrite function to create sound files. Then turn in the files with your report and reference the files from within the report. [25/30] 4.1: beatcon (A=10, B=10, fc=1 kHz, delf=10Hz, fsamp=11025 samples/s, dur=1 s) Plot first 0.2 s of signal and describe the waveform. Provide the periods of the envelope and the high frequency content. [30/30] 4.2: Show two spectrograms. Compare and comment on what you see. [20/20] 4.3: Synthesize a chirp signal (fi = 5 kHz -> 300 Hz). Show the spectrogram. Comment on what you see and hear. [20/20] 4.4: Synthesize a chirp signal (fi = 3 kHz -> -2kHz). Show the spectrogram. Comment on what you see and hear. [-10] This is not an appropriate format for a methods/discussion section. It must be written in complete sentences. And, it must contain descriptions of the steps that you performed.
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Introduction This lab presents the tasks of synthesizing both AM and FM signals (beats and chirps). The specgram function was utilized in order to see the spectrogram representation of the signals. Because of the spectrogram analyzing frequency domain of the signal, various questions relating to frequency were answered by this lab. This lab also made use of various functions, beatcon, beat, and mychirp; which were explained in the prelab. Beatcon is a user interface controller allowing the user to play basic signals and signal shapes. Beat is used to compute samples of the sum of two cosine waves.
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