Pre_Lab_03_joshdean_DSP_Prelab_3 - =200 c) Determine the...

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Joshua Dean ECE 3220 Prelab #3 [-35] 7 days late [-5] 60/100 a) Determine the total duration of the synthesized signal in seconds, and also the length of the tt vector (number of samples). [-5] 1.8 seconds dur/dt = [1.8/(1/11025)]+1 = 19846s samples b) x(tn) = Acos(2πµt2n + 2πf0tn + φ) In the MATLAB code above, what is the value for tn? What are the values of A, µ, f0, and φ? tn=n*Ts A=7.7 µ=500 f0=200
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Unformatted text preview: =200 c) Determine the range of frequencies (in hertz) that will be synthesized by the MATLAB script above. Make a sketch by hand of the instantaneous frequency versus time. What are the minimum and maximum frequencies that will be heard? Min frequency = 200 Hz d) Listen to the signal to determine whether the signals frequency content is increasing or decreasing. Increasing...
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Pre_Lab_03_joshdean_DSP_Prelab_3 - =200 c) Determine the...

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