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ECE 2115 LAB3a - Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar Experiment 2...

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Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar Experiment 2: Diode Application II: Biomedical Applications February 2, 2011 The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science ECE 2115 Engineering Electronics Lab Section 31 Bowu Zhang Introduction : The objective of this experiment was to use zener diodes as overvoltage protection components. The purpose of this is to protect very sensitive components from a damaging amount of voltage fluctuation. A second objective of this laboratory was to build and analyze a thermristor instrumentation device. Prelab : After reading the thermristor specification sheet [1] , the following operating conditions were recorded: Characteristic Value + unit Resistance at 25C 3kΩ Max operating temp 150 C Resistance Ratio 9.10 Table 1- Thermristor Values Materials : Kit Part # Spice Part Name Part Description Symbol Name (used in schematics throughout this lab manual) Joshua Dean ECE 2115-31 Bowu Zhang
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1N4002 D1N4002 Series Silicon Diode D1 – D4 KC0004N-ND Thermal Resistor Vthermistor Battery VDC 9 Volt Battery 9 V Resistor R 2.2k Ω Resistor R1 Resistor R Value determined in prelab RL Capacitor C Value determined in prelab C1-C2
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