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ECE LAB 1 Graphs - Germanium Silicon Zener LED Germanium...

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Forward Resistance Backward Resistance RB/RF Germanium 1N34A D1 0.4384 kΩ 0.0335 MΩ 76.414 Silicon 1N4002 D2 1.967 MΩ Over limit Over limit Zener 1N752 VR1 4.565 MΩ Over limit Over limit LED MV5753 DS1 123.7 MΩ Over limit Over limit Forward Voltage Germanium 1N34A D1 .3206 V Silicon 1N4002 D2 .5535 V Zener 1N752 VR1 .7167 V LED MV5753 DS1 1.7531 V Reverse Saturation Current Germanium 1N34A D1 -2.48 µA Silicon 1N4002 D2 0 µA D1 (germanium) D2(silicon) VR1(Zener) DS1(LED) 0 mA -.2061 -.2066 -.2061 -.2065 1 mA
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