Lab3 - 1. Introduction The purpose of this experiment was...

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1. Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate voltage division, circuit reduction, and node voltage analysis. This was accomplished by constructing and analyzing a voltage ladder circuit, a series / parallel circuits, and a Wheatstone bridge circuit. 2. Background Information Voltage Ladder Circuit A voltage ladder is a circuit made of resistors placed in series with a voltage applied across the circuit. The design of the circuit allows for a uniform current with a proportional voltage drop across each successive arm of the circuit. Series Circuits A circuit whose elements are arranged so that current does not divide are said to be in series. A series circuit can be reduced because a uniform current will exhibit useful characteristics, such as the ability to combine elements sharing the same, unsplit current. Joshua Dean ECE 11-34 Lab Report Experiment 3
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Parallel Components When two elements within a circuit are connected in such a way that they will have the same voltage across them, they are said to be in parallel. The current through these elements will split due design of the circuit. A useful application of parallel circuits is to apply the uniform voltage principle to an element in parallel with an interface. Therefore, the interface can be said to exhibit the same potential voltage difference as the parallel element, and thereby will have that potential voltage difference applied across any connected element to the interface. PSPICE PSPICE stands for Personal Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. This program is used to simulate analog and digital circuits on a computer [1]. Keithley Model 175 Digital Multimeter (DMM)
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Lab3 - 1. Introduction The purpose of this experiment was...

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