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ECE 2140 Lab 11

ECE 2140 Lab 11 - Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar Eric Herrera...

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Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar, Eric Herrera Experiment 11 4-Input Multiplexer 03/23/2011 The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science ECE 2140 Design of Logic Systems Lab Section 32 Jie Chen 4-Input Multiplexer Abstract: This lab provides an introduction to a 4-input multiplexer by using a Power Supply, Digital Voltmeter, and Function Generator. Introduction: The main goal of this laboratory is to observe the input output characteristics and transfer function of the 4-input multiplexer. This was to be accomplished by programming the GAL chip using the JEDEC file created. This program allowed us to test the input/output characteristics. The data collected can be found in the truth table in results section. Equipment: 1 Breadboard 1 GAL (16V8) 1 DC Power Supply 1 Digital Multi-meter (DMM) Methods: Our group found all the data sheets needed by using the Internet. These data sheets helped us to identify the inputs, outputs, Vcc, and ground. In addition, we looked at the specifications part of the data sheets in order to find absolute maximum voltages and normal operating voltages. These values guided us choosing the right voltage values while using the power supply since too much voltage could burn the gates.
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Then, we worked on figuring out the code to program the GAL chip. Since all the groups should come up with the same code, we shared the code in order to save time. After programming, we decided the x 1 , x 2 , x 3 and x
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ECE 2140 Lab 11 - Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar Eric Herrera...

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