Logic 1 - Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar, Eric Herrera,...

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Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar, Eric Herrera, Christopher O’Brien Experiments 1 & 2 (Inverter / NAND gates) January 19, 2011 The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science ECE 2140 Design of Logic Systems Lab Section 32 Jie Chen Inverter Abstract: This lab provides an introduction to Digital Logic Systems by using a TTL Hex Inverter(7404), Power Supply, Digital Voltmeter, Function Generator, and Digital oscilloscope. Introduction: The main goal of this laboratory is to observe the input output characteristics and transfer function of the TTL Hex Inverter 7404. This was to be accomplished by using a DC Power Supply, DMM, and oscilloscope. The objective of this lab will be accomplished when the hex inverter’s logical operations are functionally observed. Equipment: TTL Hex Inverter 7404 Power Supply Digital Multimeter Function Generator Digital Oscilloscope Breadboard Method:
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From the ECE Lab website, the TTL Hex Inverter 7404 data sheet was downloaded. The purpose of downloading the data sheet was to find the location of the six I/O Inverters, Vcc, and ground. The data sheet was also used to find the absolute maximum voltages, which each pin could operate along with the nominal operating conditions of the TTL Hex Inverter. The inverter was then placed onto the breadboard with a +%Volt supply across the
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Logic 1 - Joshua Dean Berk Bozoklar, Eric Herrera,...

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