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Religion & Law overhead - Pagan Celtic Religion What...

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Pagan Celtic Religion What exactly was the religion of the Irish world in Pre-Christian times? o Can only speculate since no written information o What little is known is based on: Archeology and Irish texts surviving from later Christian times Also Greek and Roman sources the Tuatha De Dannon became deities of Ireland o Adds to the feeling the Otherworld is barely hidden, ready to become visible at a moment’s notice o Many heroes are both divine and human o Some Gods and Goddess are independent of the De Dannan (i.e. Mannon Mac Lir – god of the sea) Irish Druids: Priests or soothsayers of the Celtic world From reading the texts, it appears that the religion was more celebrational than liturgical Principal feast days were marked with great gatherings at the various ritual sites Yearly rituals were centered on the calendar year and changing season o Fires were lit at these celebrations at the ritual sites like Tara, Rath Croghan, and Emain Macha o Samhain (November 1): End of the new year, beginning of the next o Beltine (May 1):Celebrated the beginning of open pasturing The Irish Goddesses were important deities; Not merely associated with what one might call
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Religion & Law overhead - Pagan Celtic Religion What...

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