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ECE3820 Principles and Practice of Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Lab Fall’11 1 of 2 Week 11: Building and testing a three-op-amp instrumentation Amplifier Introduction The lab introduces the standard three-op-amp instrumentation amplifier. Differential amplifier i The circuit in Figure1 is a differential amplifier with gain R 2 /R 1 . : As with the current source that is used to match resistor ratios, this circuit requires precise resistor matching to achieve high common-mode rejection ratios. The best procedure is to stock up on a bunch of 100k 0.01% resistors next time you have a chance. All your differential amplifiers will have unity gain, but that’s easily remedied with further (single-ended) stages of gain. Standard three-op-amp instrumentation amplifier ii : The circuit in Figure2 constitutes the standard instrumentation amplifier configuration. The input stage is a clever configuration of two op-amps that provides high differential gain and unity common- mode gain without any close resistor matching. Its differential output represents a signal with substantial reduction in the
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Final_Project_Design_Prelab - ECE3820 Principles and...

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