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ECE3820 Principles and Practice of Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Lab Fall’11 1 of 1 Week8: Range of motion/Sit and Reach Abstract (15pnts) Introduction (15pnts) What is flexibility and why is it measured? What is the Sit and Reach test? How is it assessed? What is the Supine leg raise test? How is it assessed? Table1: Normative values for sit and reach and leg raise test. What are the objectives of the experiment? Approach (15 pnts) Briefly describe the equipment used. Describe your experimental protocol. How did you analyze your data? Results (30pnts) Include the following figures and tables (remember to describe your results in text of the paper). Table 2 Summary of results obtained using Sit and reach test and supine leg raise test. Subject Status Sit and Reach box (inches) Sit and reach – goniometer (Degrees) Supine leg raise – goniometer (Degrees) Subject1 Measured values Performance level
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Unformatted text preview: * - Subject2 Measured values Performance level * - * Compare to normative values. Figure1 Pearson correlation test. Sit and reach box and goniometer results. In the text, mention the gender, age and level of physical activity of both subjects. Also include visual observations that might explain the measured values for the subject in your group. Analyze the data for the entire section. Compute the Pearson correlation coefficient. Is there a correlation between measurements obtained from the sit and reach box and those obtained form the goniometer? Discussion (20pnts) • Explain whether each of the objectives was achieved (objectives should be stated in the introduction). • Discuss what you measured, observed, and expected, and why the values you obtained were or were not in line with what was expected. • What are the limitations? Conclusion (5pnts) Summarize the major findings and state the conclusion....
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