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Homework #4 solutions 5.4) The equivalent circuit model of an electrode with electrolyte gel coupling it to the skin is shown in Figure 5.4 of the Webster textbook. When the electrode is wetted by the electrolyte gel, Rs and Rd will have their minimal value since there will be a large surface area coupling the electrode to the skin. Rs will be at its minimal value because the electrolyte at the interface, consisting primarily of the gel, will be a relatively good conductor. Cd will have its greatest value since the area of contact between the electrode and the electrolyte will be large. As the electrolyte gel begins to dry, Rs will increase as the effective conductance of the electrolyte decreases due to a reduction in the electrode- electrolyte contact area. There will also be a decrease in the conductivity of the electrolytic solution, resulting from lower effective ion mobility due to increased ion concentration and salt precipitation. Rd will increase and Cd will decrease because of the
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