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E ARLY I RISH C HRISTIANITY Saint Patrick – Patron Saint of the Irish o Stories and myths so numerous that it is hard to find the real man (i.e. shamrock, snakes) o 2 documents survive that tell us about his early life: his Confessions and a letter written later in his life o Patrick Not the First Missionary to the Irish o The Irish converted to Christianity without the bloodshed and martyrdom which was de rigueur with conversion elsewhere o Did not try to stamp out earlier pagan rituals but rather cleverly blended them with Christian theology o The Cult of Patrick and Armagh why did his name become forever associated with the Irish and the coming of Christianity to Ireland? By 7 th century, monasteries in Ireland were competing with each other for status and wealth o Church in Armagh, Ulster was one of the most ambitious and claimed to be founded by Patrick o Boosted him as the primary missionary of the Irish o Important in order to gain pilgrims o The Uí Néill (O’Neill) Influence
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Unformatted text preview: Rise of Celtic Spirituality After Patricks death, vast majority of Irish still pagan Pockets of Christianity around the royal courts and local centers of power From the beginning, Christian spread from the top down Uniquely Irish Church o Religious authority had to be tied to secular o Ireland produced no Christian martyrs o promise of literacy o Local deities turned overnight into saints and saints took on the miraculous powers of pagan gods and goddesses o Strong women leaders in the early Irish Church The Second Generation of Missionaries o Around 500, new group of founding saints from Britain galvanized the Irish church into its second growth spurt Christianity had yet to reach a critical mass Catalyst needed before the monastic explosion began o Environmental factors led people to turn to Christianity, which filled power vacuum By end of 6 th , for all intense purpose, a Christian Celtic land 1...
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