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Beth White PubHlth 160 – My Body, My Health March 25, 2011 Journal 7 I am 21, and for 13 years, I had attended a private, Catholic school. From Kindergarten through eighth grade, I was in a small Catholic school called Transfiguration. Then, instead of going to the local high school, I went to The Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (GCA for short). Yes, it is a mouthful. GCA was a small, private, Catholic, and all- female high school. In both Transfiguration and GCA, community service was a requirement. While Transfiguration only required it in eighth grade for graduation, Good Counsel required it every year. By the time I was graduating in 2007, I was required to do a total of 130 hours of community service over the course of four years. While it may not seem like much, it was. If we did not make the quota one year, the hours we did not complete rolled over onto the next year. It was a hell of a system. This is why I am against colleges and universities (a) requiring it and (b) asking us to do it on our free time as a requirement for a class. According to John W. Eby, over 50% of colleges and universities require community service in some way, shape, or form (Eby, 1). I believe, as Barbara Jacoby and “Associates” stated that higher education institutions should be preparing us for the impending job market – most especially in this economy (Jacoby & Associates, 4). While helping our community is a great thing to do, our primary role as educated adults with Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral
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This note was uploaded on 11/14/2011 for the course PUBHLTH 160 taught by Professor Gerber during the Spring '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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PubHlth_Journal7 - Beth White PubHlth 160 My Body, My...

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