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Beth White PubHlth 160 – My Body, My Health April 8, 2011 Journal 9 I think almost everyone has been somewhat traumatized by the movie “The Wonder of Life” in high school; I know I sure was. However, in the past week, I have learned more about birthing and sexual health than I have from biology classes and my parents. There’s the stereotype that giving birth is the scariest time ever – full of screaming, pooping yourself, blood, and the like. There was a reason my grandfather fainted when Women’s Hospital in Philadelphia made him go into the labor room when my mom was born. It is not a pretty sight. However, as “gross” as it can be, there is also a sense of beauty. In the article “Fish can’t see water: the need to humanize birth” by M. Wagner, Wagner proposes that the overly-westernized form of giving birth needs to be brought back to women themselves – give the mothers power over their own birth. With all the conveniences of modern technology, you would think that the infant and/or mother death rates would decrease, right? Well, not so much. As Wagner points out, the mortality rates are at their highest in years. This rise correlates to the increasing role technology plays in our everyday lives. Wagner also states that some of this increase is due to elective C-Sections. Women are choosing more and more to have a C-Section rather than a vaginal delivery – a potentially dangerous choice. Having a C- Section that is not necessary not only wastes money, but also that bonding time with your blossoming family. It also makes you stay in the hospital even longer – and the list of complications goes on forever. My mom had a C-Section because I somehow wrapped the
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PubHlth_Journal9 - Beth White PubHlth 160 My Body, My...

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