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Unformatted text preview: Beth White English 120 Angels in America Response The ironic relationships between the characters made me quite curious as I continued through the play. Joe Pitt, at the beginning of the play, seems an average, middle-class Mormon man. He seems to have a strong faith in God, as well as a moral compass that limits his actions to those he feels are correct in the eyes of God. His friendship with Louis is curious because Louis does whatever he wants hes a free spirit with no inhibitions, religious or otherwise. Joes attraction to Louis is not limited to the fact that hes gay for he also wants to live as Louis does. For Joes character, this is strange, since Louis is probably an agnostic or atheist. Louis himself also provides interesting irony. The author, Tony Kushner, created a great conflict between the two characters through their seemingly illogical friendship. Despite the fact that Louis loves to speak about theories on how people can fit into these systems, his life is the very...
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