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Paul Essery Minta Elsman Disc 1 15072 March 2, 2011 Second Essay - Outline Introduction Many people assume dogs can’t learn languages o Recent studies show that this may not be entirely true Body Paragraphs o Study on Rico o Study on Chaser o Comparison of these dogs with human children The data presented in these two experiments clearly state that with the right training a dog can learn and understand the basic components of a language. Body Paragraph 1 (Rico) He was born in December of 2004, and began training ten months later Owners used a fetching technique to teach Rico o They placed “different items in different locations around the flat and asked the dog for one of these items. Rico was rewarded with food or play if he fetched the correct object. He was gradually familiarized with an increasing number of items. Typically, the owners introduced new items by presenting them and saying their name two or three times. Rico then got the chance to play with the new item, and it was subsequently integrated into the collection of other items.” Explanation of how owners disproved clever hans effect Body Paragraph 2 (Chaser) Chaser went through more rigorous tests than Rico Four specific experiments were used to train Chaser 1. Test to see if Chaser could can learn proper nouns Over the course of three years Chaser proved that he could not only learn proper nouns, but also retain them. He managed to learn 1022 proper nouns over this period. 2. Test to see if Chaser could distinguish between commands and proper nouns Results showed that he “understood that names refer to objects, independent of the behavior directed toward those objects.”
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3. This test proved that Chaser could learn common nouns used for categorizing groups of items. 4. This test proved that chaser could learn through exclusion techniques He was able to infer “the name of an object based on its novelty among familiar objects that already had names.” Body Paragraph 3 (Dogs vs. Humans) It is clearly impossible for dogs to be as linguistically developed as humans Children learn words at astonish rates o On average an English speaking child will learn ten words per day, and by the time he or she graduates from high school their total vocabulary will consist of about sixty thousand words. Dogs on the other hand can learn basic components of a language usually attributed to
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2278118346041 - Paul Essery Minta Elsman Disc 1 15072 March...

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