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Essay 4 LINGUIST101 White Elizabeth White Minta Elsman Discussion 02 April 22, 2011 Content: Organization: Mechanics: Total: Outline I. Introduction a. Slang terms i. New 1. “Legit” ii. Outdated 1. “D-Block” b. Properties of the slang terms i. Development ii. Meaning iii. Rules for use c. Thesis i. People tend to think that slang terms are substandard; however, these terms follow a specific set of rules, and when those rules are broken, the word can take on a new or nonexistent meaning. II. Body 1: “Legit” a. Define i. “Legit” arose out of the use of the word “legitimately” and is meant to be used in a more histrionic or sarcastic sense. To use the word in a serious sense (in lieu of “legitimately”) would misrepresent the statement. b. When use started i. The use of “legit” began in the Spring of 2009 c. How became a regular part of language use i. Why adopted 1. Way of expressing some sarcasm within a statement. There are no specific circumstances surrounding the use of “legit” d. How used i. Example 1. “That was legit the hardest test I’ve ever taken in my life” (correct) 2. “His mom legit just found out this morning she got fired.” III. Body 2: “D-Block” a. Define i. “D-block” is used as a way of saying that someone stole something from either yourself or someone else b. Example i. “What the hell, that chick I lent my pen to totally just d-blocked it.” c. When use started
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Essay 4 LINGUIST101 White i. The use of “d-block” emerged around 2006 and lasted until the end of 2007 ii. Why adopted 1. It originated from Yonkers, NY as the name of a local rap group, and eventually made its way into the local schools and took on a new meaning. 2. By the beginning of 2007, most people in Westchester County were using it as a means of conveying that something unimportant was stolen d. When use ended i. It stopped being used because it slowly faded away ii. Why stopped using 1. Sounded stupid 2. Why no longer conveying the same meaning a. Replaced by standard words w/ other sentence structure to
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2410426299051 - Essay 4 LINGUIST101 White Elizabeth White...

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