Drama HW 3 - Drama 201 0933673 Fan WU The Bacchae What, in...

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Drama 201 0933673 Fan WU The Bacchae What, in your opinion, is the main argument, point, or Aristotelian thought in The Bacchae ? Give your answer in your own words and then give two quotes from the text as examples (include line numbers, and page numbers in parentheses for easy reference). Thought : There is a balance of two forces conflicting in this play, which is freedom vs. restraints in which Dionysus plays the freedom side while Pentheus the latter. . There are many ways of arguing for this concept according to the current perspective it is nature versus civility. However in an Aristotelian time speaking it would be more of a man V.S. God ideology. Example 1: I have captured some of them; my jailers have locked them away in safety of our prison, those who run at large shall be hunted down out of the mountains like the animals they are ---“ {Bacchae 181} Pentheus’ attitude towards the women who worshipped, “locked up in dungeons” while Dionysus sets them free into the woods. Example 2: “Dress? In a woman’s dress you mean? I would die of shame” (198) Concepts of women being inferiority, traditional ideals are what bounds them. Dionysus being an foreigner imports new concepts which are being rejected in Thebes. Tradition usually relates to bounds which are restrictions similar to how modern concepts are keys to free the restraints of tradition itself. What mark, action, or ethical choice defines the essence of each of these characters? In other words, who are they, as Aristotelian characters ? Pentheus (Current young king of Thebes) – Pentheus is portrayed as a strong-willed character at the beginning, where we stands hold on his thoughts, refusing to take the words of the elder (Cadmus and Priest beginning). He refuses to believe that Dionysus was the son of Zeus, even though priest claims this and urges him to stop his action of segregating Dionysus from Thebes. Pentheus was stubborn and chose to go against “Dionysus” which became a major element of his later downfall. Quotes:
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Drama HW 3 - Drama 201 0933673 Fan WU The Bacchae What, in...

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