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Ghosts_Reading_Guide_2 - Ghosts Reading Guide 2 What is the...

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Ghosts Reading Guide 2 What is the “joy of life” that Oswald talks about? What is the “joy of life” Oswald sees in Regina? Why or how does he think this can save him? (And save him from what?) The “joy of life” for Oswald is possibly loved or lust denoted through his actions with Regina and his emotional response when his mother speaks of Regina. Clues were given earlier at Oswald talks about young poor artists who lived together out of the laws of marriage. Oswald sees Regina as a form of savior to be exact more of escapism from the horrible truth he had to face about his illness. Oswald was sent out since young so he hasn’t received much love from either end, he seeks it out through Regina whom he believes loves him as well. Oswald’s doctor predicted he would die from a next attack if no one were around to give him his meds, with Regina around she could save him by giving him the meds in his needs. His mom can’t always be around him.
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