Imagery Type - Metaphor Cows 522-523 530-531 Metaphor Satan...

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Imagery Type Imagery Page Reasonings Symbolism Soul 538-539, 540-541, 544-545, 546-547, 548, The essence of things, depending on line can vary meaning. Metaphor Maze 560, Metaphor Snake 560, Symbolism Heaven 524-525, 528-529, 538-539, 540-541, 542-543, 544-545, 546-547, 549, 550, 551, 554, 556, 559, 562, 564, 566 A place regarded as a dwelling of God, paradise. Could be also understood as upper authority. Metaphor Adam and Eve 555, Metaphor Lord of Misrule 515, Metaphor Princess 515, Symbolism Hell 515,528-529, 530- 531, A dwelling of the “evilness,” said to be the most evil punishment for Christian.
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Symbolism priest 516-517, 518-519 Metaphor Hors D’oeuvres 518-519, Metaphor Hen 518-519 Metaphor Guitar 520-521, Metaphor Devil 520-521, 559,
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Unformatted text preview: Metaphor Cows 522-523, 530-531, Metaphor Satan 520-521, Metaphor Flea 522-523, Metaphor Monkey 522-523, 532-533, Metaphor Flame 542-543, 544-545, A element that burns all, is believed as to be a sacred element of purification. Metaphor Shield 542-543, Metaphor Prayers 542-543, Symbolism Cuckolds 528-529, Symbolism Domain 528-529, Metaphor Blind 536-537, Symbolism Mirror 536-537, Metaphor Mouse 516-517, Ball’s definition of Imagery: An image is something we already know or can easily be told that is used to describe, illuminate, or expand upon something we don’t know or cannot easily be told. They provide a lot of information in a small space....
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Imagery Type - Metaphor Cows 522-523 530-531 Metaphor Satan...

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