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FAN WU 11/06/2011 uMiss Julie Reading Guide I What, according to George Farrell, is an action structure? And what does it mean that realism has an action structure? (In other words, why does realism have an action structure – what belief does realism espouse, that it has this action structure?) Action structure is a structure in which deeds or words of the characters cause things around them to change. Realism have an action structure because it provides the fundamental underpinning of the realistic vision. What is Christine’s function in this plot? And tell me about her background, her beliefs, what kind of person she is – all the details that you can cull about her from the way she talks, the way she interacts with people, and the way people talk about her/interact with her? Christine’s basic given information was a cook of thirty five years old and her fiancé, Jean. Christine is very religious and hypocritical reminds me of Tartuffe in a different way, this is shown through her conversation with Jean about Miss Julie’s wild nature in the first act. From her attitude
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