Paper 1 rubric - Due October 17 Prompt: Using Aristotles...

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Due October 17 Prompt: Using Aristotle’s criteria for writing tragedies (including his particular details about plot and protagonists), decide if the tragic hero of Euripides’ TheBacchae is Pentheus, Agave, or Cadmus. You will have to make compromises with Aristotle’s requirements, as none of these options is perfect. Consider the agon (conflict) between protagonist and antagonist; the inciting incident and rising action; the peripetaia, anagnorisis and scene of suffering; hamartia (hubris) and the moral character of the tragic hero; the effect of the plot and the arrangement of incidents on the audience, etc. Use a detailed close-reading of the play to supply evidence from the play text to back up your statements. A strong paper will focus solely on the tragic hero you have selected, but will use the occasional comparative sentence to indicate why you consider the other two options unsatisfactory or insufficient. Formatting and Length Requirements: Paper must be a minimum of three full pages of text in Times New Roman, 12 pt font (this does not include space taken up by your heading). Failing to meet minimum length requirements means your grade is automatically docked to 70% or a “C” grade. Maximum length is 4 pages; exceeding the maximum also results in lost points, so plan your arguments carefully, including how much space you have to make each one. Use MLA format. Cite play text using parenthetical references with line numbers, not page numbers. Cite Aristotle (if needed)
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Paper 1 rubric - Due October 17 Prompt: Using Aristotles...

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