Polanski Macbeth notings - Polanski Macbeth notings...

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Polanski Macbeth notings Beginning of the movie the three witches bury the hanger’s rope, a dagger and a arm of a man plus with blood on top then spit around. (1:30-2:48) -setting is on a beach with bright weather to dark dawn, with ends with foggy as witches’ leaves. Shows clearance of battlefield once battle is done with King passing by Messenger of the battle blood stained Macbeth enters stage with a hanging seen (note the hanger’s rope) -Macbeth does not show any facial expression of content Encounter 1: Hillside, rainy. (8:12) -Banquo first one to sight witches -First sign of “smile” shown after he hears the prophecy (10:38) -Chases witches to their staying then ends with them blocking their door. Banquo’s sudden stop of “smile” marks suspicion (11:45) They joke around with the prophecy (12:32) The actions of shaking and grabbing necklaces (15:19) -Macbeth doesn’t show any smile during the leave (15:38) Scene of Pre-Thane Cawdor execution17:00 -Last smile 18:18 “Long live the king” –Pre Thane Cawdor -Malcolm /Macduff crippled. Lady Macbeth enters 18:45 -Dogs approach her 19:40 -Climbs stairs -> hides the letter in a box King hugs Macbeth and Banquo to show closeness King holds a sword and a ½ staff (21:12) King gives one ring to Malcolm price of Kumberland in which Macbeth has a sour face. 21:35 Macbeth’s leave and monologue in darkness scenes Macbeth sees Thane of Cawdor Pre after the “stars hide my desires” When Macbeth returns dogs greet him, wife impatience act of rush – loving couple Lady Macbeth sprays flower on Bed, “covering scent” 24:45 Lady Macbeth hands Macbeth dagger upon dressing, Macbeth stuns a while then takes it (25:15)
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Polanski Macbeth notings - Polanski Macbeth notings...

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