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Drama 201C Fan WU 0933673 Tartuffe Reading Guide (Acts I-II) 1.) What ethical argument is being made in Act I, scene v? Identify what each side believes. In Act I Scene V there is argument between Orgon and Cleante about the religious beliefs and about Tartuffe the religious hypocrite. The ethnical argument is about what is a good man, mainly about whether Tartuffe is good or bad to which Cleante attempts to argue that Tartuffe is the bad while Orgon says that latter. Towards the end the argument develops into what is a real Christian, with Orgon attempts to blame Cleante with Atheism as form of denial of recognition of what Cleante says. Their heated debates moves onto describing what good qualities Christians must possess: humility, good intentions, a desire to do good works, sincerity, humility, humility and…humility. Both sides believe the same idea but Cleante lists it out clearly, upon hearing this Orgon although agrees with it, but attempts to silence the discussion and turn his face away from the “truth.” 2.) What is Moliere’s argument about opinions, gossip and other people in Act II, scene iii? The scene is composed of a talk between Marianne and Dorine. They seem to be great friends, and the issue present here is that Marianne was given hand to Tartuffe by his father which she dislikes. However due to the fact that it was her father’s opinion she could not go against. The issue here is that Dorine strong opposes Marianne’s subjection to her father. She presents possible solutions other than death to Marianne however Marianne chose the latter. The
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Tartuffe Reading Guide I - Drama 201C Fan WU 0933673...

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