CHIN-481-003-2011-12 Course Outline

CHIN-481-003-2011-12 Course Outline - CHINESE 481 (003)...

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CHINESE 481 (003) Modern Chinese Literature I (Heritage): Selected Readings In Modern Chinese Fiction from Lu Xun to Zhang Dachun 现现现现现现现:现现现现现现现现现现现现现 Time: T/R 15:30-17:00 Place: Chemistry 124 ___________________________________________________________________ A) Approach an Objective: This is an intensive reading course for students who have acquired advanced reading knowledge of modern Chinese before entering university. Selected reading materials cover a wide range of modern and contemporary Chinese fiction. Through intensive reading of major writers’ literary works from Lu Xun to Zhang Dachun, students are expected to gain a better understanding of the development and essential themes of Chinese fiction over the last one hundred years. Through a series of strict and rigorous discussions, students will cultivate analytical ability, critical perspective, rational argument and objective criticism. This course will take a social-anthropological approach to the novel , which examines humanity under historical, social, political and philosophical conditions. Individual predicaments, struggles, resolutions, consequences, and reconciliations in each and every story will be investigated to illustrate the Chinese people’s adaptation to the drastic social, political and ideological transition and transformation of the twentieth
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CHIN-481-003-2011-12 Course Outline - CHINESE 481 (003)...

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