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Homework-2+on+Metamorphic+Rocks - 5 What are the two main...

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Name ……………. .………… ……….……………… (Last) (First) Homework-2: Metamorphic Rocks (2 pts each for a total of 10 pts) 1. A change in what two factors causes metamorphism? Heat and pressure 2. What is a protolith? Parent rock, the rock type that was metamorphosed 3. Define foliation. Layering and parallel alignment of platy (flat) mineral crystals, such as micas 4. What are some of the common minerals in metamorphic rocks? Quartz, feldspars, muscovite, biotite, chlorite, garnet, tourmaline
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What are the two main types of metamorphism and where do they occur? Contact metamorphism-occurs locally adjacent to igneous intrusions and along fractures that are in contact with watery hot fluids Regional metamorphism- occurs over very large areas (regions) such as deep within the cores of rising mountain rangers and generally is accompanied by folding of rock layers...
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