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1 Money and Banking (Spring 2009) Midterm Exam #2 April 13, 2009 Aditi Thapar Name _______________________________________ NetID _________________________ Do not open exam until you have been given permission to do so. Please Note: 1. There are two parts to the exam. Part 1: short answer 4 questions Part 2: fill-in-blank 4 questions 2. Answer all of the questions. In some cases partial answers may receive some credit. Blank answers will not. 3. The explanation is a very important part of the short answer questions. Better explanations will re- ceive more points. 5. NO credit will be given for just stating the correct answer. A correct answer accompanied by a completely wrong explanation will not get any credit either. 6. The academic conduct code of the College of Arts and Sciences will be strictly enforced. 7. Grades will be posted on Course Compass. 8. Graphing calculators are not allowed. NO RECITATION THIS WEEK
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