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Brian Cabrera Midterm for: Africa in the World Economy Fall 2011 Answer 4 out of the following 7 questions. Limit the total length of your answers to 10 pages in a conventional double-spaced format in Word or PDF. For each statement or question, provide evidence both for and against the point of view you are advocating, drawing upon class readings and lectures as much as possible. Explain how and why you reached your conclusion. Please be as precise as possible, citing specific numbers, econometric results, theories, and sources wherever possible. For the purposes of evaluation of your learning in this class, it is better NOT to introduce material from outside the class readings or lectures. The exams will be graded jointly by Professor Easterly and the class TA Jacob Bastian. Send the exams to [email protected] by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 25th. Have the subject line read “Africa midterm”. Save your exam answers as “Africa midterm xxxx” where xxxx is your last name. 1.
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