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456 Self Assessment - Farmer School of Business Department...

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Farmer School of Business Department of Accountancy ACC 456 – The Accounting Profession First Semester 2011-2012 Attribute Self-assessment The purpose of this assignment is for you to perform a critical self evaluation of your toolbox of professional skills, assessing those areas in which an action plan is required to strengthen your attributes. Specifics are as follows: 1. Create an attribute-by-attribute self evaluation using a scale of ME (meets expectations), BE (below expectations) and EE (exceeds expectation) by completing the Attribute Evaluation page at the end of this narrative. You may also use +’s and –‘s to create additional ratings categories. Feel free to meet with friends, faculty (including me) or others to obtain some independent evaluations. As a guide, would suggest that you work on at least five attribute areas. In the event you end up with more ME and BE, then focus on the five attributes which require the most improvement. You need not comment on areas in which you rate an EE. 2. In performing your evaluations, the list below should be self explanatory. Your ratings of “expectations” should be in comparison to top performing students you have observed in
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This note was uploaded on 11/15/2011 for the course ACC 456 taught by Professor Jameskaterakis during the Fall '11 term at Miami University.

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456 Self Assessment - Farmer School of Business Department...

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