BWS 151 Midterm Review

BWS 151 Midterm Review - Categorization is not the sin; the...

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“Categorization is not the sin; the problem is the lack of desire to explain the categorizations that are made.” --Patricia Williams “A border is a dividing line, a narrow strip along a steep edge. A borderland is a vague and undetermined place created by the emotional residue of an unnatural boundary. It is in a constant state of transition.” --Gloria Anzaldua “How are we going to build a 21st-century America in which people of all races and ethnicities live together in harmony, and Euro-Americans in particular embrace their new role as one among many minorities constituting the new multiethnic majority?” --Grace Boggs “I’m trying to give you something to track your spirit with.” --Nana Pazant in Julie Dash’s film, Daughters of the Dust [The above quotes are not testable material. They are given just to provide context for the course themes we have been dealing with thus far in class.] Race – socially and historically constructed concept that describes an unequal relationship between socio-cultural groups based on and reinforcing disparate access to power and resources. Also know the “ Terrible Transformation ,” the four factors that led to the racialization of slavery. o Not the skin color of individuals; became that once slavery used it to differentiate who would remain enslaved Culture - based loosely on national/tribal origins, involves range of customary practices including language religions, philosophy, food, and dress that contribute to individual and group identity formation. Class - much more than Marx's definition of relationship to the means of production, it involves individual behavior ; one’s basic assumptions ; how we are taught to behave ( behavior ); what you expect from yourself and from others ( expectations ); your concept of a future; how you understand problems and solve them; how you think, feel, act. Capitalism - set of social relations that give rise to a type of economics that focuses on the relationship between labor and capital through the means of production and the accumulation of profit. Border – artificial construct dividing peoples, lands, and cultures, militarily enforced.
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Frontier – According to Rushdie, “The frontier is an elusive line, visible and invisible, physical and metaphorical, amoral and moral…[and]… the physical proof of the human race’s divided self.” Contact Zone – Anthropologist Mary Louise Pratt’s term that refers to the space of colonial encounters , the space in which peoples that have been geographically and historically separated come into contact with each other and establish ongoing relations, usually involving conditions of coercion, radical inequality, and intractable conflict
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BWS 151 Midterm Review - Categorization is not the sin; the...

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