BWS Intellectual Autobiography

BWS Intellectual Autobiography - Lindsey Duff BWS 151 B At...

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Lindsey Duff BWS 151 – B 1/19/11 At first thought, an assignment of an autobiography seems to be a simple “walk in the park.” However, after sitting down to collect my thoughts as to what I would like to discuss about myself, I found that explaining who you are on a piece of paper is much harder than one would expect. A bullet list of who I am is what first comes to mind. I am a daughter of two amazing parents. I am a sibling to a two-year older sister. I am a Miami University student majoring in Accountancy. I am an athlete, a worker, and friend. All of this sounds to be a good description of my status in life, but I realize it does not portray who I truly am as an individual. There are so many events, people, and places in life that affect and shape all of us, but when we are asked to briefly tell a bit about ourselves, none of these things are in our personal presentations. I took a few moments to reflect on the things and people who have influenced the person I am and then whom I want to be. The answers I came up with were much different than the original bullet list I’d started with. Of all the people in the world, it is not surprising that my parents have influenced me most. However, what was a revelation turned out to be which parent has influenced my beliefs and values. Naturally, I would think that my mother would affect my personality most as I am her daughter and we have an indescribable bond. On the other hand, I grew up with an athletic childhood that my dad was more interested in. Without
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BWS Intellectual Autobiography - Lindsey Duff BWS 151 B At...

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