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Press Release Nike - 100 Campus Avenue OH 45056 NEWS...

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100 Campus Avenue, OH 45056 NEWS RELEASE September 9, 2011 Contact Information: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Elle Resor, Communications Director Office: (440) 348-8768 Cell: (440) 278-5827 Email: [email protected] NIKE AND APPLE JOIN TOGETHER TO EXPAND NIKE PLUS BEAVERTON, OR Nike+ provides an interactive program for its users by compiling numerous aspects of daily activity and workout data on an easily accessible website, Now, Nike+ is compatible with the sixth generation iPod nano. This technology revolutionized workouts by offering real time feedback for Nike+ users. Functioning like a mini iPod touch, the product features a multi-touch display, a convenient clip, hard volume buttons, and a 24-hour battery life. The device is almost half the size of the previous model and is available in six colors with the choice of 8 GB or 16 GB capacities. Including instantaneous updates of calories burned, distance traveled and speed, Nike+ uses individual information to construct personalized workouts and training programs for any athlete. The ability to share workouts, compete with friends, and enter -more-
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challenges motivates users to work hard and tackle their goals. “These challenges wind up being incredibly inspiring,” said Cable Sasser, the winner of the Guide Through August running challenge. “And more important, sitting around the house, thinking about jogging, and then realizing that if you don't go jogging tonight you're going to lose points and slip in the standings—now that's true videogame motivation." New features include an all day pedometer that will track calories burned from
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Press Release Nike - 100 Campus Avenue OH 45056 NEWS...

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