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CVC President’s Office To: Central Valley College Administrative Departments From: Leon DeWitt President Re: Dress Standards for Administrative Staff Dear Administrative Staff: As the first institution of higher education in Central Valley, we have been expanding our esteemed college since 1902. Our administrative staff has undoubtedly assisted all of our achievements and has contributed to our success. To further display the high quality education that Central Valley College offers, I believe that implementing a dress code of corporate casual is essential to emphasizing our professionalism. The policy encourages business casual attire conducive to the professional environment we strive to uphold. Employees should refrain from wearing t-shirts, jeans and athletic apparel including sneakers. We want to present ourselves as the respected institution that we are. For men, slacks and collared shirts are appropriate, and sport coats and ties are
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Unformatted text preview: optional. For women, slacks, proper blouses, dresses and skirts are recommended. Please note for special functions formal attire is necessary. It is important to understand the policy is directed not only to all administrative staff, but also to student workers in administrative departments. For more specific guidelines and consequences of not following the dress code please see the updated company policy handbook. We value your commitment to this college and wish to provide comfort and security for all our staff members. A corporate casual dress code will reiterate our success and present a more professional image. I want to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact me, or Susan Anderson in Human Resources, with any questions or concerns. Sincerely, Leon DeWitt President...
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