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5155 Cressmont Ave. Solon, OH 44139 440-279-3583 [email protected] March 1, 2010 Pam Kammann Director of Operations Southfield, MI 48025 Ms. Kammann: As a recent graduate from Miami University, I have developed proficient knowledge in strategic communications and management. I am interested in the account assistant position and believe I possess the qualities essential to excelling in your company. Identity’s capability to make meaningful impressions through an integrated approach makes me an outstanding candidate for this job opportunity. My membership in Public Relations Society Student Association, my course work in school, and my work experience have fostered my ability to communicate skillfully, pay attention to detail, and work effectively. As a camp counselor, I was required to plan and lead daily activities while supervising the children in my care. This job also taught me how to efficiently handle high stress situations, as I was responsible for the safety of over 30
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