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Chapter 11: Reaching a Multicultural and Diverse Audience I. Diverse and Multicultural Nature of the Public Relations Audience PR practitioners audience is a complex intermingling of groups with diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, and economic attributes whose interests coincide at times and conflict at others A successful campaign must be aimed at those segments of the mass audience that are most desirable for its particular purpose, and it must employ those media most effective in reaching them. Generalizations about audiences today: - Diversity is the most significant aspect of the mass audience in the U.S. - The international audience for PR has expanded swiftly. Growth of global corporations and expanded foreign marketing by smaller firms opens new PR situations, as does increased foreign ownership of U.S. companies. Each nation has separate, culturally sensitive PR initiatives including customer support, crisis management, media relations, and other forms of publicity 4 - Technology can be used to segment the mass audience and compile related valuable information. Computer and other related technologies can be used to conduct both primary and secondary research to identify target audiences. The Internet and other related technologies also enables PR efforts to be more efficient and effective to reach the audience beyond geographical bounds, but it requires quicker PR responses to a swiftly changing audience. - The public is increasingly visually oriented and seems to have a shorter attention span. They are often exposed to the dynamic impact of multimedia messages, including Web sites with streaming videos, regularly updated blogs, instant messaging, and We forums. - Audiences are increasingly taking control of information streams. They determine what content will be delivered to them as well as when and where. Household devices like TIVO or computers running Windows XP Media Center Edition to watch news and other programs at their convenience are having a huge effect on media channels. - Fervent support is generated for single issues. A political balance is
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needed in a country that has individuals stranding strong behind issues they promote or oppose. Example—animal rights or right-to-life activists have been accused of going too far. - Heavy emphasis is placed on personality and celebrity. When stars embrace cause, some people follow them reflexively and more ad more celebrities are used as spokespersons and fund-raisers, even though their expertise as performers do not necessarily qualify them as experts or opinion leaders for complex issues, such as the environment or world trade. - Strong distrust and suspicion of conspiracy can arise from sensationalistic investigative reporting. The unethical business practices of have led to a general distrust of large businesses. Also, viewers are so consumed by exaggerated political promises and are exposed to so much misleading or even contradictory information that many of them distrust
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Ch. 11 Notes - Chapter 11: Reaching a Multicultural and...

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