Ch. 3 Notes - Com 259 CH 3 Ethics and Professionalism What...

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Com 259 CH 3 Ethics and Professionalism What is Ethics? –a persons belief system determines how people act in situations- 3 basic value orientations: 1. Absolute- believes that every decision is either right or wrong regardless of consequences- based on Immanuel Kant- the end cannot justify the means 2. Existential- decides on basis of immediate practical choice- grounded b/t Aristotle and Kant- Aristotle would say never say never 3. Situational- each decision is based on what would cause the least harm or the most good- also called utilitarian approach- John Stuart Mill- the end can justify the means as long as the result benefits the greatest number of people -Golden Rule: love your neighbor as yourself- treat others as you would want to be -Four Way Test for ethical decision making- 1. Is it true? 2. Is it fair to all? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? -PR people take into consideration: 1. Public interest 2. Employers self interests 3. Standards of the PR profession 4. Personal values -Professional Organizations: - PRSA- largest national PR org- NYC -110 chapters nationwide- workshops and seminars- annual meetings- periodicals- PRSSA- 22,000 members - IABC- second largest PR org- international assoc. of business communicators- head in San Francisco- publication= Communication World- 15,000 members
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- IPRA- based in London- international PR assoc-1,000 members- bases code of Ethics on United Nations -Codes of Conduct: - IABC- codes both legal and ethical- good taste and sensitive to cultural values and beliefs- purpose is for education and information not for reinforcement Situations using code of conducts: - Financial info- National Investors Relations Institute- develops code to deal with companies like Enron- holds members responsible - Video News Releases= VNR’s- criticized b/c of lack of info about the source/ sponsor of the material, also presenting inaccurate information- news stories not
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Ch. 3 Notes - Com 259 CH 3 Ethics and Professionalism What...

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