August 30th

August 30th - • Should we have markets for organs Should...

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August 30 th Economics- Study of how to allocate these things that are so scarce, how do we divide these things up (money, etc, e.g: deciding to come to college-time is a scarce resource), economists thing of life as economics Allocation-market system (we vote with our money on how we spend it), we also study effects of when government steps in and intervenes in the market system o Ron Paul talking about FEMA-said huge burden on citizens International trade, food prices, commodity markets Is medicare worth the money?, younger people the investment of the future
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Unformatted text preview: • Should we have markets for organs? Should we legalize drugs? • Labor markets-is there a premium to beauty?(yes to get the job), name makes a difference to (discrimination in the labor market) • Ranges from health-monetary policy-government • Social science-constantly changing world, have information but cant tell outcome, different backgrounds (cause economists to not be able to solve problems-too many answers and we don’t know which is right) •...
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