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Annotated Bibliography Jordan Grant 4/19/11 Ms. Hazelwood English 1102 Prospectus: I am writing my research paper on the struggle of women in Europe and how it affects the overall plot of A Doll’s House. Women’s rights and struggles in that time era (1800’s) were present. They had roles that they were expected to play as housewives and taking care of their children. In turn these struggles that women went through affected the plot in that Nora became fed up with it and left her husband and I will discuss why she left him. Women’s roles are clearly shown throughout the plot and I will talk about how it influences the play. The result of this play speaks loud about women’s rights in that it is not right that women had identities in society and a different type of employment than men. I also am going to talk about how the United States had a similar movement going on during this time period. Summerfield, Penny. “'They didn't want women back in that job!': the Second World War and the construction of gendered work histories.” Labour History Review Volume 63. Issue 1 (1998): pages 83-104,22. Print This article talks about how women’s employment changed after the Second World War. Women’s work was considered marginal to the workforce because it did not require much skill or strength. The expectation for paid working women was work mostly around their household and
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marriage due to post-war reconstruction. There were four major formulations of the relationship
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Annotated Bibliography-research paper - Annotated...

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