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Exam 1 Review Sheet (this is from blackboard) Blue are completed Red are incomplete Yellow go on 4X6 Cards *** please put page number or ppt number if you found from ppt ** Because it will help a lot when we read the part again. :D 60 questions - all multiple choice 1 hour 15 min. .. ish Bring a calculator Here is the link to flashcards (some still need to be filled in): http :// quizlet . com /_42 agv Hi guys. I made key term on flash cards for this class. I do not know if it will help for the test. This is extra things. Site : http     ://     www     .   flashcardmachine     .   com     /     ID : byut13   pw: 12341234. If you have questions like pw is not working,etc, email me :  [email protected] (This is up)  Chapter 1 What are the competitive priorities (class notes) Quality (features, performance, conformance, reliability) Time (delivery speed and reliability, development speed) Flexibility (mix, changeover, volume) Cost (labor, material, engineering, quality-related) Note: In ch. 2 (27-28), it lists the following: Cost or price, Quality, Delivery speed, Delivery Reliability, Coping with (QTFC) What is an operations process versus a supply chain process? (p. 10 exhibit 1.3) Supply chain - Networks of manufacturers and service providers that work together to move goods from the raw material stage through to the end user. Linked through physical, information, and monetary flows. Operations - The planning, scheduling, and control of the activities that transform inputs into finished goods and services. ( p.8) Operations process refers to manufacturing and service processes that are used to transform resources into products Understand definitions of service (11) Intangible process (although all processes have tangible components): a service that cannot be weighed or measured; no physical dimensions Intangible services cannot be patented and customers cannot try it out before purchase Interaction with customer Heterogeneous- they vary from day to day Perishable and time dependent- services cannot be stored, must be dealt with immediately Specification of a service are evaluated as a Package of features that affect the five senses Supporting facility, facilitating goods, explicit services, implicit services explicit - training of service personnel, consistency of service performance, availability and access to the service, and comprehensiveness of the service 1
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implicit - attitude of the servers, atmosphere, waiting time, status, privacy and security, and convenience. Simultaneous production and consumption (not in book)
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SupplyChainStudyGuide1 - Exam 1 Review Sheet(this is from...

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