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ISS 315 ~ Spring 2011 Global Diversity and Interdependence EXAM 2 (Form A) Name: ________________________________________ Student Number: ________________________________ IMPORTANT: This exam is the property of Center for Integrative Studies at Michigan State University. Reproduction and sale of this exam in any form is prohibited DIRECTIONS: PRINT your full name and student number above . Fill in the following information on your scantron (bubble sheet): last name, first letter initial, student number, and signature . Read each question carefully and provide the correct answer on your scantron. Return the testing materials (scantron and exam) after completion. Take the exam under the honor system. Lecture Questions Global Economies (I) 1. According to our discussion, which nations tend to have a relatively poor distribution system? A. Developing nations B. Developed nations C. Under-developed nations D. None of the above 2. Which one of the following relates to primary sector? A. Information technology B. Service economy C. Manufacturing D. Agriculture and mining 3. In which economic system, economic activities and state building go together? A. Economy liberalism B. Economic nationalism C. Capitalism D. Socialism 4. The statement, National governments should encourage certain companies and help them succeed refers to? A. The new trade theory B. Strategic trade theory C. Comparative advantage theory D. None of the above 1
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5. Economic, political, and military domination to impose ones will on other nations is the definition of: A. Imperialism B. Hegemony C. Colonialism D. None of the above 6. What was the main goal of Bretton Woods System? A. Reconstruction of European Nations B. Reconstruction of African Nations India C. Reconstruction of Latin American Nations D. All of the above 7. Which one of the following organizations deals with disputes among nations on international trade? A. UNO B. UNESCO C. IMF D. WTO 8. In our class, we watched a video interview of Wallerstein. What did he say about the current economic crisis of USA? A. The crisis is already over B. The crisis is temporary and it will be over soon C. The crisis is the beginning of a very serious crisis in future D. None of the above Global Economies (II) 9. What was the impact of World War II on the economy of Europe? A. Very positive B. Positive C. Negative D. No impact 10. According to our lectures, which one of the following economies produces a large number of college graduates that are perfect for capital economy? A. USA B. Europe C. Japan D. All of the above 11. What is Japanese model of development? A. Focusing on research and development of new inventions B. Focusing on processing/copying of new inventions to make it better and cheaper C. Keeping a balance between both A and B D. None of the above 12. Which one of the following best reflects national debt of USA? A.
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Spring-2011-Exam2-FormA1 - ISS 315 ~ Spring 2011 Global...

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