AMSexam1 - 1 Wauschek Megan Wauschek AMS 205-A February 3,...

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1 Wauschek Megan Wauschek AMS 205-A February 3, 2011 1.) Citizenship - Citizenship is being a citizen of a particular community. According to Lauren Berlant in an article titled Citizenship found in the book Keywords for American Cultural Studies “Most simply, citizenship refers to a standing within the law.” Also she states, “At the same time citizenship is a relation among strangers who learn to feel it as a common identity based on shared historical, legal or familial connection to a geopolitical place.” (37) Citizenship is thought of as baring not only rights but also responsibilities. In American Studies we can often look at how citizenship has historically been uneven with regards to access to the full benefits of citizenship, when dealing with sexual and racial standing. By studying he meanings and implications of citizenship we can then try to do what is required, as citizens, to see that all citizens and people receive equal treatment and benefits. We also study citizenship in a more legal matter, as in, who is considered a citizen of the United States and why? “The U.S. Naturalization Act of 1790 allowed only “free white persons” to be naturalized as full citizens.” (39) But with more immigrants coming to the U.S. from Mexico and Latin America there is fear in some Americans to grant these people citizenship. 2.) Interdisciplinary- interdisciplinary means involving 2 or more disciplines or areas of study, which are usually considered separate. According to Neil Campbell and Alasdair Kean in the book American Cultural Studies , “The term ‘Interdisciplinary studies’ suggests being at the boundary of the individual disciplines, where they begin to merge and intermingle, clash and jar, and relates to the condition of being at the margins of the normalized, accepted and official culture of America.” They suggest that being at these ‘boundaries can provide a new perspective on American culture because it allows you to be pushed out from the center where everything is defined already. This term is used a lot in American Studies, because American Studies is an interdisciplinary field. As we have talked about in class, many different studies are used in American Studies, such as, history, political science, communications, geography, economics, film and anthropology. 3.) Social Construction- Social construction is a concept, idea or practice that has been made, or constructed, by a particular group. To say that something has been socially constructed is to say that a certain thing could not have been built, or a certain belief held, if people as a society did not make it or have a need for it. In American Cultural Studies Neil Campbell and Alasdair Kean state, “One means by which America has unified itself is through an imagined communal mythology that all could share and that provided a cluster of beliefs through which the nation could be articulated, both
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AMSexam1 - 1 Wauschek Megan Wauschek AMS 205-A February 3,...

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